After moving to Boise, Idaho from the San Francisco Bay area, we soon found the one thing we left
behind and missed most was the ocean.  We once owned a small sailboat (a Columbia 23) in San
Diego and greatly enjoyed getting out on the warm SD bay.  This, combined with recent memories of
some very pleasant sailing experiences with friends on their boats in the SF Bay, soon brought us to
searching out opportunities at the nearest body of saltwater.  We started looking into boats for
charter in Puget Sound 1997 with the idea of opening up new opportunities for family vacations.  

The following summer, JoAnn, Chris, and the kids (Doug, Craig, and Becky) piled into the family SUV
(gas was cheap then) and headed for the San Juan Islands to spend our first of several vacations
aboard a chartered sailboat.  It was an aging Sweden 38, which turned out to be a fast boat, but she  
lacked sufficient storage space to hold all we could stash in the SUV.  On future vacations, we
learned to pack lighter and choose boats with more room while trying to stay inside our limited
vacation budget.   
Sweden 38 - "Eminence"
We met up for a day sail with friends
from Boise who where staying at a
Cabin on Orcas Island - Steve and
Ruth Brittenham.
Sunset aboard Eminence at Echo
Bay on Sucia Island in the San
Southern Cross 39 - "Sonsie"
The family together at Butchart
Gardens near Victoria, B.C.
Becky enjoying a book.
Mt. Baker is ever present in the
background around the San
Juan Islands.
Sonsie moored in Butchart Cove
Hans Christian 43 Ketch - "Argonaut"
Ghosting along under power looking
for wind.
Craig, Doug, and good friend Sam
Mason getting skunked on crabbing.
Sam at the helm on our return from
Victoria, B.C.
Lord Nelson 35 -  "Magic"
Magic in front of the Empress Hotel
at Victoria, BC
JoAnn at the helm.
Moored in Bellingham.