November 2009 - San Diego to Puerto Los Cabos, B.C.S
We departed San Diego late on November 11 to time our arrival at Ensenada the following morning.  Clearing into Mexico at Ensenada was
relatively painless and after refueling, we left Marina Coral the following afternoon for Magdalena Bay.  This second leg of the journey took
approximately 4.5 days where we had mostly good wind between 10 and 20 knots.  After anchoring one night in Santa Maria Bay, we spent a
second night anchored just inside of Magdalena Bay before departing for Cabo San Lucas on Nov. 19 at noon.  We anchored the following
evening in Bahia de San Lucas just outside of the Cabo San Lucas Inner Harbor.  After rising the following morning to the sound of surf on the
beach in front of a row of hotels, we set sail again for the Puerto Los Cabos Marina which is about 15 miles east and then moved further east to
Los Frailes to anchor, rest, and snorkel for a couple of days.     
JoAnn and Doug cooling their heels in the
increasingly warmer water.  
Each sunset seemed to somehow be even
better than the last.  
Doug was determined to catch fish.  He also
had a hand line out much of the time.    
Success on the hand line with a nice little
fin tuna.  We had Ahi for lunch.         
Mag Bay provided the best sunset of the
Right after we pulled the anchor up in
Mag Bay, a local panga fisherman came
by and offered these small but delicious
langosta (lobster).  Steaming for ten
minutes is all they needed.        
A yellow tail tuna at right ... and us
without wasabi.  

Dorado or Mahi Mahi below.   
Finally ... "Lands End" at Los Cabos (The
"Hotel Row" along the beach just outside
of the inner harbor at Cabo San Lucas.    
Bahia Los Frailes where we anchored to
snorkel and relax for a few days.  The
water is quite clear and warm while the
bottom has varieties of coral and tropical