December 2009 - La Paz Area
After dropping Doug at the airport in San Jose, B.C.S., we headed around the East Cape and north toward La Paz to wait for mail from
the U.S. and to explore La Paz and the nearby islands.  Our mail delivery from Washington only took 2 weeks by UPS but we're still
here on Christmas Day.  Between the city of La Paz and the nearby island of Espiritu Santo, we're enjoying our visit.  After New Years
Day, we will head across the Sea of Cortez to the area south of Mazatlan.

- Feliz Navidad
We stopped at Los Frailes again
where a real gulley washer dropped
1/4" of rain in 20 minutes.  
Fortunately we were securely
Bahia de los Muertos is a nice place!  
Since los Muertos refers to the dead, it is
also known as Bahia de los Suenos or
"Bay of Dreams" by developers.  If you
walk just over the hill behind the beach, a
beautiful resort complete with golf course
is almost ready to open.    
Pangas lined up on the beach at los
Muertos.  Every morning just before
sunrise, about half the boats take off at
full throttle for the fishing grounds.      
Part of a large school of 6" puffers that  
hang around in the shadow of the
anchored boat.        
Sunset viewed from our table at the old
"Giggling Marlin" restaurant at
Ensenada de los Muertos.         
A National Geographic eco-tour boat tied
up at the La Paz pier.  Note the kayaks
tied on top.  The nearby islands are part
of the Mexico national park system and
are becoming popular.  Fortunately, they
are still without crowds of visitors.         
The "Paper Boat Guy" statue is a

Note the old VW Beetle going by ... there
are a lot of them down here.    
Silhouette of Punta la Dispensa on the
way from La Paz to Isla Espiritu Santo.

The geology of this place is very neat!
A butterfly or "Mariposa" doing well with
the flowers on the beach in Mexico!    
View of Bahia San Gabriel from Punta
Prieta.  Mariposa is to the right.  
The city of La Paz (Peace) viewed from
our anchorage near the Marina de La
Paz.  The marina was full for the
Christmas holidays as cruisers leave
boats here while heading home for

La Paz is the capital of the state of Baja
California Sur and seems both safe and
very friendly.       
One of the many bronze statues along
the boardwalk
or "Malecon".           
The beach at Bahia San Gabriel on
Espiritu Santo ... two miles of white sand
all to ourselves.      
Wild flowers doing well on the beach!         
Snorkling water at Punta Prieta near Bahia
San Gabriel.
Approaching Puerto Ballena.  This is
basically the next bay north of Bahia San
Gabriel on the island.  The rock on the left
is an island called Isla Gallo.
The anchorage at Puerto Ballena.  Three
other boats joined us the next day.
The northeast edge of the bay is formed
by cliffs that are almost porous with small
to medium size caves.  Birds love it!