February 2010 - Barra Navidad and Tenacatita
In the last part of February, we ventured south to Bahia Navidad  and Tenacatita for a short 10-day visit.  The trip from
La Cruz to Barra Navidad was accomplished with one long overnite run down wind.  While anchored in the lagoon at
Navidad, a tsunami warning was issued from a large earthquake in Chile.  All boats (about 25) in the shallow lagoon put
to sea through the narrow channel in less than an hour.  We took the opportunity to move north to Tenacatita for a few
Religous shrines at the breakwater
entrance to the Navidad Lagoon.  
The town of Barra de Navidad is
partially built on a large sand bar and
the beach extends for two miles north
to the village of Melaque. (Barra = Bar)
We anchored in the lagoon which is
about a mile wide but shallow at a
maximum of 12 feet down to less than
6 feet. Since Mariposa draws 6 feet,
we had to be careful and still found
ourselves sitting on the sandy bottom
a couple of times.

You can just see the greens of the
resort golf coarse in this picture.  The
coarse spans across the narrow
peninsula to play next to the coast on
the other side.  
Numerous water taxis like this scurry
around to take you into town or to
any one of several palapa restaurants
on the beach.  
A Green Heron
The marina and resort at Bahia
Navidad are among the most posh in
The town of Barra Navidad is colorful
and friendly.     
In theory, there are crocodiles and
iguanas in the swamp but we only
found birds, crabs, and fish.  There
were some big noises back in the
trees out of sight though. Bugs during
the day are not a problem.  
This channel wound on for a couple
of miles getting more narrow with
each turn.
This small park is right outside the
marina entrance and is very popular.  
The new roof being installed on the
gazebo was part of the clean up for El
One of several colorful tree crabs we
passed by.  
The beach at the other end of the
"Jungle Tour".  We had a Coke at the
restaurant to the left and headed back
for the return trip.  
The town of Barra Navidad has a little
coffee shop with a real French baker.  
He comes out to the marina and
anchorage every morning around 9
o'clock selling fresh croissants,
pastries, and baguettes.

Life's tough - eh?
Tenacatita is the next bay about 10
miles north of Navidad.  Adjoining the
north shore of the bay is a mangrove
swamp that is popular to explore by
dinghy.  Although the entrance is
wide in this picture, you find yourself
ducking under branches before
finding the lagoon at the other end
which is next to another beach.   
A Snowy Egret