June 20, 2009 - Leaving Blaine
The final date we ended up with to leave Blaine for the last time wasn't determined until
just a few days before it actually happened.  Finishing up final projects, getting the "right
stuff" on board and the"wrong stuff" in storage, saying final goodbyes, and watching
weather and tide predictions were all factors.  Anyway, we ended up pulling out on June
20 in the afternoon for Sucia Island which is only a 3 hour sail away.  Afterwards, we
would figure out where to clear Canadian Customs and how to get around to the West
Coast of Vancouver Island for a month to test everything out and hopefully relax a little.  
We'll certainly miss Blaine and all of the great friends we made there.  Perhaps someday
we'll come back.    
The week before leaving, our son Doug and his girl
friend Laura came over to pick up the Ford pickup
which was our last vehicle.  They didn't have much
time but we managed to get over to Sucia Island
together for a night.   
Doug and Laura went ashore for a short
The last big project on Mariposa was installing an arch on
the stern and solar panels.  We've found the 360 watts
they provide to be more than adequate for our needs .... so
On our first night out (June 20) we
met in Sucia with Karen on Mystery.  
She has been a great friend in
Blaine and brought over a bottle of
wine to share on our last evening
After our night at Sucia Island, we
headed to Sydney, B.C. to clear
Canadian Customs, look for books
from the great selection of  
bookstores on Beacon Street. and
eat Greek food ... which is the best.  
Sailing down to Victoria the next
day, we moored in front of the
Parliament building (JoAnn at the
right) and got up early the next
morning to catch the ebb tide on
our way to Barkley Sound on the
West Coast.