July 2009 - Port Angeles
As our time on the west coast of Vancouver Island came to an end, we needed to go through US Customs before heading down the coast toward
San Diego.  Since we hadn't bothered to acquire Nexus or I-68 permits, the best choice was to come back up the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Port
Angeles.  This actually worked well as we wanted to rent a car to allow a Costco run and search for a new winch handle to replace one that
"disappeared' from the deck while in Victoria.  During our stay, native tribes from Washington and British Columbia were having a big event
where canoes are paddled from the reservations to meet up at a location in Puget Sound.  A sizable group stopped in Port Angeles on their way
from Pillar Point.  
Port Townsend doesn't actually offer much for small
boats but one small marina and US Customs.  Large
ships stop here to await scheduling for
loading/unloading and to pick up or drop off pilots.  
There were as many 5 large tankers anchored in the  
bay at one time.       
Since acquiring our new spinnaker in April, the opportunity to try it out
hadn't materialized.  We had some nice calm mornings so gave it fly and it
worked great!   
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