July 2009 - Clayoquot Sound
Clayoquot Sound is the next sound just north of Barkley Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  We came up here from Barkley to get
closer to the Tofino Airport where Craig flew in and out.  Unlike Barkley Sound, there is no national park and most of the coves have a float
house.  Tofino is the major town and since it is connected to Nanaimo by a paved road, there is more tourist appeal for travelers by car or bus.   
Mariposa anchored at Adventure Cove at Meares
This plaque is attached to a rock at the entrance to the Cove
and tells of the exploits of Captain Robert Gray of the ship
Columbia in the winter of 1791.  Columbia's crew built a ship
called the Adventure on what is now just a cleared beach.  
After leaving this cove in Columbia, they discovered and
named the Columbia River in Oregon and the
Adventure was
sold to the Spanish for otter skins.  Unfortunately, before
leaving Gray also ordered the destruction of the nearby village
of Opitsat in response to rumors of a plot by the natives to
overtake the fort Gray had built.  
This float house was about 100 yards from our
anchor site in Adventure Cove.  The owner is an
artist who makes carvings for the tourist shops in
Tofino.  Another float house at the other end of the
cove was occupied by a family with two children.  
The father runs the kids to school in Tofino by boat  
every morning which is a 4 mile ride.  They brought
over a big salmon fillet cooked and wrapped in foil
for us one evening.       
After being "buzzed" by humming birds every few
minutes, we finally crafted a make-shift feeder
from a recently emptied hot sauce bottle.  They
liked it a lot ... as did the wasps.  There aren't many
blossoms in the forest but apparently these
humming birds also feast on mosquitoes that,
although present, didn't seem to be all that
plentiful either.  The birds would swarm and fight
around the bottle and the wasps became so pesty
we were forced to take it down.        
Fog chasing us back down to Barkley Sound as the
Monitor wind vane faithfully steered us sailing down
Same place with fog!     
Impressive leaves!
Craig caught up on reading by absorbing 5 books in
9 days.