Heading up Homfray Channel toward the Prideaux Haven area.
Mariposa anchored in one of the coves at Prideaux Haven.  We spent several nights
here while exploring the other coves by dinghy and hiking some of the many trails in
this gorgeous area.
A small island just outside of Prideaux Haven in Homfray Channel.  Notice the dome tent
to the right of the trees belonging to a group touring the area by kayak.
JoAnn hiking a trail at the head of Melanie Cove.  The forest consists mostly of Cedar
trees with an occasional Maple or Madrone.  The undergrowth is thick with ferns.
Continuing up Homfray Channel on a perfect day.  A little breeze for the sails would
have been nice but we found it hard to ask for more.  
Mariposa crossing the entrance to Toba Inlet.  This Channel runs 20 miles into the 8000
foot high Coast Range Mountains and ends at the mouth of the Toba RIver.
We tied up here at the Toba Wildernest Marina which is nicely situated at the mouth of
Toba Inlet.  It was a quiet night with just us and the owners (Kyle and Andrea) present.  
The hike up to the water fall to see the small hydroelectric plant that powers the place
was fascinating.  
One of three small cabins available at Toba Wildernest.
The view from Toba Wildernest was spectacular.
Being chased by a rain storm down Lewis Channel toward Teakerne Arm Inlet on
West Redonda Island.
The water fall into Teakerne Arm from Cassel Lake.  The shallow lake is a short hike and
offers warm fresh water to swim in.  A couple of steel cables are attached to the rocks
near the falls for stern-tie anchoring.
A log boom and tug spending the night at Teakerne Arm Inlet.