April 16, 2009 - To Port Townsend for haul-out
We chose the Port Townsend Ship yard this time for our periodic haul-out and bottom
maintenance.  Out last bottom paint job was done in 2007 at Seaview Boatyard in
Bellingham and with only one coat of paint, we were seeing "grass" start to grow around
the water line.   Although it is a 50 mile trip from Blaine to Port Townsend, this is a trip we
enjoy - having already made it twice this winter.  The shipyard it PT has the advantage of
allowing us to do the work ourselves with minimum hassle and allows us to stay on the
boat during the process.    
Olympic Mountain view and the paper mill in Port Townsend
JoAnn rolling on the second coat of bottom paint.  We had scraped off loose paint and
sanded the entire bottom before applying the first coat in light blue.  The second and
third coat were dark blue to enable visibility to paint wearing away to the first coat.  
We choose Interlux Micron Extra (4 gallons total) as it was on sale at West Marine.  
JoAnn passing time between coats of paint.  Since the temperature was in the 40's, we
allowed a two day drying period between coats ... a couple of books for JoAnn.  
The shipyard doesn't provide ladders so we pulled ours from storage and lashed it to
the lifelines to bring it from Blaine.
Port Townsend rigging doing some
warranty work from our re-rigging done
last year.  Profurl set screws have been
known to back out of the furling  
extrusions under the constant flexing of  
head stays.  This can make it impossible
to lower the sail without tearing the sail.  
That's Ben above and Josh below who
are two of PT Rigging's best riggers.  We
greatly enjoyed working with them last
year to re-rig Mariposa.  
Moored at James Island State Park.  This beautiful place is in Rosario Strait about
half-way between PT and Blaine so we often stop here.  It is infrequently used in the
off-season so we had the entire island to ourselves.  Since the weather was great, we
stayed an extra night to do some hiking and have a campfire at one of the campsites.  
View from the top of James Island looking toward Decatur Island.  
Upon arriving back in Blaine we found that our new arch for mounting solar panels on
the stern has been completed by Tanner Mfg. in Bellingham.  Installing it and ordering
the necessary solar panel equipment is our next priority.   The fun never stops!
It's hard to do a rainbow justice in a photo.  This one went a full semicircle with the
other end projecting over Marrowstone Island to the east.  The clock tower is on the
Jefferson County Courthouse and is part of PT's general Victorian heritage.